Travelife Awards

Achieving a Travelife Award isn't easy and requires a good result from the Travelife Audit.

Our third-party audits involve a visit from an independent auditor who will assess the property against the robust requirements of the Travelife sustainability criteria. If met, then successful hotels and accommodations will achieve a Bronze, Silver or Gold award.

Bronze Award


If a property has achieved a Bronze award they have:

- Practices in place to treat their employees in a fair and respectful way

- Demonstrated their commitment to reducing their environmental impacts such as energy consumption and reducing the waste they produce

Silver Award


If a property has achieved a Silver award they have:

- Met the Bronze requirements, providing additional benefit to their local community and environment

- Demonstrated they have minimised the use of hazardous chemicals

- Ensured all employees have formal written contracts of employment

Gold Award


If a property has achieved a Gold award they have:

- Met the Bronze / Silver requirements, displaying a strong commitment to sustainability

- Communicated their progress to others, showing they are sustainability leaders

- Constantly looking for new opportunities for improvement

- Adhered to the country's planning procedures for new developments

Not every business in the Travelife Collection has a Travelife Award. Those without an award are working with Travelife towards achieving one.

Recently stayed at a Travelife-awarded property and seen something that concerns you? Please contact Travelife at with the details